Orange Is the New Red

Exploding in popularity, you have probably seen it appear on many restaurant wine lists in recent years. 'Orange' wine or 'skin-contact' wine, simply put, is white wine made like red wine. Typically speaking, these are made using minimal intervention techniques and will be organic or biodynamic.

An interesting style of wine, these are white wines with a lot more tannin and structure than you might be used to. This is because the grape juice is macerated with the skins just like in red wine fermentation. This process helps add interesting flavours you don't commonly find:

- bruised apple
- honey
- hazelnut
- marmalade
- sourdough

When trying an orange wine, you should pair with food. They are extremely food-friendly and work well with cheese, cured meats and other complex flavours.

If this sounds like a style you would like to try, have a look at our range or even a premixed case we have put together.

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