Clairin Communal


A highly artisanal eaux-de-vie similar to white agricole rums, Clairin is the most popular drink in the remotest regions of Haiti. Clairin Communal brings together the traditional sugarcane spirits from Sajous, Vaval, Casimir and Le Rocher. Each of these Clairin producers have their very own distinctive character, thanks to the use of wild indigenous yeast, native cane varieties, and traditional distillation methods – and all of them shine through.


Fresh sugar cane juice blended with fruit salad. Pungent cane notes mix with apples, oranges, and unripe bananas. Leafy herbal hints hide underneath, along with gentle new-car leather and a touch of icing sugar sweetness.


Boiled sweets and candied fruit lead on the palate, followed by treacle tart, tarte tatin and creamy caramel sauce. Crunchier caramel and cinder toffee notes build, leading to a background of dark chocolate, liquorice and warm engines.


Creamy to start, with leafy tarragon, aniseed and black liquorice following.


Complex and many layered, with fresh fruit contrasted against darker, more industrial notes.

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Tags: 30-40, 43%, 70cl, Haiti, Rum, Spirits

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