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Jean François Ganevat Arbois Vin Jaune 2015


This specialty of the Jura, made from the Savagnin grape variety, is aged for 8 years under “veil”. During this long period of maturation, the barrels are not topped off and the natural evaporation of the alcohol is not compensated for, allowing the active mycoderma vini yeasts to rise to the surface and naturally form a veil which protects the wine while allowing its fine oxidation. This controlled oxidation gives a color and very specific aromas to this wine which is nicknamed "Gold of the Jura". The nose is reminiscent of green walnuts, dried fruits, the mouth is powerful, rich, unctuous with, at Jean-François Ganevat, a minerality and an astonishing freshness.

2015 Great vintage which was  the hottest and the sunniest in all our territory since the beginning of meteorological statistics. Fortunately for the maturation of the grapes, rainy episodes came at the right times in the summer and made it possible to avoid the heat wave effect of 2003 and the excess tannins of certain 2005s. Exceptional wines, therefore, combine maturity and a good balance overall. The Vin Jaune has a  deep and intense old gold colour with amber reflections. On the nose, we perceive complex aromas of fresh walnuts, curry and saffron. On the palate, the attack is round and warm and the finish powerful on nuts and curry.

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