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Ojo De Dios Mezcal 42% 70cl


Ojo de Dios (God’s eye) is the eye to the soul of Mexico; celebrated in Huichol art and deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of the indigenous people of Mexico. 30,000 beads are hand placed one-by-one over a layer of native beeswax.

Maestro Francisco Ortiz is a 3rd generation Mezcal producer. Espadin agave is sustainably farmed on our estate in the region of San Luis del Rio, harvested it at full maturation (aged 7-8 years) 

The process begins by cooking the hearts of the agave for up to 10 days in an underground oven using local oak wood. The cooked hearts are then crushed with a tahona pulled by the estate’s donkey chicharito

The agave fibers & juices are then naturally fermented & finally double distilled in our 250 liters copper still pots where its transformed to delicious Ojo de Dios Mezcal

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