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Sprizzato Aperitivo Italiano 70cl 11%


A refreshing beverage to enjoy before meals and as an ingredient in cocktails. You can enjoy Sprizzato over ice and a slice of Orange or Lemon, or it's ideal for a spritz. The precise recipe of Sprizzato is a closely guarded family secret of the Priante family. The base of the liquid is an exact blend of sweet oranges from Sicily and bitter citrus fruit from Curaçao. During the distillation process, natural herbs and roots like gentian and anise, that is sourced from the local mountains are added to give Sprizzato its distinctive aromatic taste. The final touch to finish its well-rounded, harmonious flavour is an infusion of rhubarb from the heart of Asia. The result is a bitter-sweet, orange-infused libation that sparkles with the Italian sunshine in every drop.

"Delightfully fresh-smelling, with a floral sweet orange profile underpinned by the tartness of grapefruit rhubarb and a savoury herbal background reminiscent of sage"
The Cocktail Geek

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