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En Primeur Explained

En Primeur is a way of buying wine before it is bottled and released on the market. It allows customers to secure wines from prestigious regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy at much lower prices than when they are available in bottle.

What is the process for purchasing En Primeur wines?

En Primeur wines are sold by the case and are stored In Bond, which means that no Duty and VAT has been paid on them.

How much does Duty or VAT cost?

£2.23 per 75cl bottle of still wine
£2.86 per 75cl bottle of sparkling wine
£2.98 per 75cl bottle of Port wine
UK VAT is 20% (applied after duty)


En Primeur wines are usually delivered 1-2 years after the vintage, depending on the region and producer.

Customers can choose to take delivery of their wines, store them with us or transfer them to another bonded warehouse. The Duty and VAT will be due before delivery once the wines leave the bonded warehouse.

We can offer storage in our bonded warehouse for £12 ex-VAT per case per year. 

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