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Ensedune Petit Verdot Coteaux-d'Enserune 2021


If you are looking for a wine that is bold, complex and rare, you might want to try Petit Verdot. This grape variety originated in Bordeaux, France, where it was valued for its resistance to a fungal disease called powdery mildew. However, it also has a very long growing season, which means it ripens very late in the year. That’s why it is called “petit vert”, or “little green” in French. It needs a lot of water and heat, and does not tolerate drought well. Therefore, it can only grow in specific locations that have deep and pebbly soils. These soils provide both moisture and warmth for the grapes.

Petit Verdot produces wines that are very dark, spicy and aromatic. They have notes of raspberry, wild strawberry, citrus, liquorice, peony and juniper berry. Petit Verdot is a wine for connoisseurs who appreciate its unique character and flavour.

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