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Kentucky Owl The Wiseman 45.4% 70cl


Wisman Bourbon by Kentucky Owl is the perfect blend of 4 Kentucky Straight Bourbons. Made from some of Kentucky's finest bourbons. Barrel proof, uncut and unfiltered. With a score of 92, Wiseman made it into the Whisky Advocate's Top 20 of 2021! The combination of natural, lime-filtered water, fertile grain crops and generations of distillery experience are a dream trifecta from which to extract the best for our finest creations. A blend of 4 Kentucky Straight Bourbons selected for their unique profile and structure. Two whiskeys were made to John Rhea's specifications by the Bardstown Bourbon Company and two were selected by him from quite a few barrels from the same company. Wiseman is a real treat among bourbons, with a sweet, savory core due to the wheat content, coupled with a strong spice kick due to the bourbon's high rye content. Ideally suited for cocktails like Manhattan or Old-Fashioned to incorporate the special spice notes and round out the drinks.

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