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Old Duff Genever 40% 70cl


Genever is the parent of whisky, produced entirely in Holland, made from maltwine – a grain spirit – with subtle botanicals added. It was one of the world’s best-selling spirits by the mid-1800s and was enjoyed everywhere from Buenos Aires to Bali.

The maltwine used to produce Old Duff Genever consists of two-thirds rye and one-third malted barley that has been fermented for five days. The unfiltered whole-grain mash is then distilled three times in a pot still. The resulting pot-still spirit, named maltwine, is blended with a column-still wheat spirit and minute hints of six botanicals: juniper, orange and lemon peels, coriander, star anise and liquorice.

As the bar equipment on the label attests, Old Duff Genever is the quintessential genever for cocktails both modern and classic – and boilermakers too.

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